Safety Guard for Single Screen

Transparent Safety Screen for Monitor Arms

£80.03 exl. VAT


The NS-PLXPROTECT products offer users additional protection from others, by increasing distance and creating a barrier in the workspace. The NS-PLXPROTECT1 (for 1 monitor) and the NS-PLXPROTECT2 (for 2 monitors) do not require fixing to the desk or ceiling ? they can be easily attached to the existing desk mount, moving with the flat screen and the height-adjustable desk. The screen, unlike alternative solutions, does not take up extra space on the desk. In addition, the screen can be used as a memo board for your to do lists, using a whiteboard marker. The NS-PLXPROTECT products are very user-friendly, easy to install and easily cleaned. The PLXPROTECT is made of transparent acrylic that is 100% recyclable.

The NS-PLXPROTECT1 is 120 cm wide x 74 cm high and suitable for flat screens up to 32? with a centred VESA-hole pattern of 100×100 mm. The screen is made of 100% transparent acrylic to ensure a spacious feeling and has rounded corners. The screen is equipped with 2 mounting points, so that it is adjustable in height relative to the monitor. Because the NS-PLXPROTECT1 is mounted between the flat screen and the desk mount, the screen moves with the monitor and sit-stand workstation when they are adjusted in height.


  • Mounting component (safety screen) for Monitor
  • acrylic
  • transparent
  • screen size: up to 32″
  • mounting interface: 100 x 100 mm


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